NCBI Radio Bingo – How To Play


  • Purchase your NCBI RADIO BINGO BOOK at a cost of €5 from any of the participating stores listed on the website. They are sold for one week in advance and are not available to buy after Friday each week.
  • Each book has five panels - one for each day - which are colour coded eg. Green for Monday Orange for Tuesday etc. You will be informed what colour page you should be playing when the numbers are called out.
  • Each coloured daily sheet has three panels with 15 numbers on each panel. Beneath the daily panel you will find 45 numbers - you should mark these off the panels on the coloured sheet for that day
  • NCBI Radio Bingo is played using 90 numbers so the 10 numbers drawn daily will be drawn from the 45 remaining numbers for that day.
  • If you fill a panel from the 10 numbers called out on air then you are a daily winner - bear in mind that there might be more than one person who fill a panels each day in which case you will share in the prize money.
  • Tune into Highland Radio each day Monday to Friday at 10.15am, 12.15, 3pm, 5pm or 7pm to play