NCBI Radio Bingo

Welcome to N.C.B.I Radio Bingo on Wednesday 15th September 2021

We are playing on a PINK Sheet, Ref S4, Game No. 37

69, 36, 57, 74, 56, 59, 9, 70, 45, 6

The Jackpot Number is: 23

Today's Jackpot is: €9,200.00

Number of Claims Submitted on Wednesday 15th September - TWO

(Validity of all claims will be verified upon receipt of the bingo book at the end of the game week in addition to the relevant information collected by our team from the claimant directly)


Weekly books cost €5 each and a list of retailers can be found here.

There's a daily prize of €400 which will increase by €200 daily if it's not won!

We have a Mega Jackpot of €5,000, which will be played weekly on a Thursday and will increase by €200 weekly if not won 🙂

Bingo numbers will be called FIVE times daily live on Highland Radio and will also be available here on this web-page and on our Facebook Page 🙂

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