NCBI Radio Bingo

Welcome to N.C.B.I Radio Bingo on Monday, 16th   December, 2019

Playing on a Green Sheet Ref. No: 11 Game No: 34
NUMBERS ARE:- 83, 67, 50, 58, 7, 52, 54, 22, 16, 21
Phone your claim to (074) 910 4833 before 8 p.m. tonight and we’ll call you back.
There was three claimant’s for Friday’s  prize.
Thank You for supporting NCBI


Weekly books cost €5 each and a list of retailers can be found here.

There’s a daily prize of €400 which will increase by €200 daily if it’s not won!

We have a Mega Jackpot of €5,000, which will be played weekly on a Thursday and will increase by €200 weekly if not won 🙂

Bingo numbers will be called FIVE times daily live on Highland Radio and will also be available here on this web-page and on our Facebook Page 🙂

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