Breakfast with John Breslin

Cook-In To The Rescue

Is there someone in your house who is a disaster in the kitchen?

Someone who is well intentioned but clueless?

Someone who couldn’t boil water without burning it!

And maybe there’s one particular dish that you normally enjoy but that they makes a mess of every time.

If there is we need to know, because maybe we can help.

If you let us know about this kitchen disaster we’ll try to put it right by coming around and showing them how it’s done.

Send us a text or better still an email or letter outlining what’s going wrong and why you need a chef on the job.

Text 087 1790 970

Email or or find us on facebook

Whatever the dish is, no matter how simple or complicated, let us know and Martin will come to your house and give a demonstration on how to cook it properly.

Maybe it’s lasagne, maybe it’s beef Wellington, maybe a fish dish ..whatever it is Martin will cook it from scratch and will even include a nice starter and dessert to make a meal to remember.

We’ll gather up all the requests and pick a winner for next week.