Secret Sound May



Still wondering what the Secret Sound is this week? We have  had plenty of guesses but none of them have been right. Here is a list of the incorrect

answers so far. Think you know what it is? Listen out for the Secret Sound on the Drive time Show every day after 4pm and give Lee a call on 074 91 25000.


What has been guessed so far?


Opening clasp on bracelet


Opening/closing briefcase



Garlic crush




Tapping microphone


Clicking fingers


Nut cracker


Breaking seal on medicine bottle


Popping cork on champagne


Tearing off ellotape


Shuffling cards


Sharpening a pencil


Opening lock on PVC door


Firewood crackling in grate

Bubble wrap




Cracking nuts


Fastening seatbelt


Cracking an egg


Opening velcro strip


Tumble dryer


Pulling plug out of socket




Opening car boot


Clicking top of pen


Opening firelighters


Cutting nails


Chewing hard sweets


Taking tablet out of foil


Rustling a sweet packet


Spraying perfume

Paper punch

Snap fasteners on duvet cover

Calling a cat

Shaking dice


Dealing cards


Taking ice-cube out of tray


Chopping Carrot/Veg


Breaking kindling for fire


Cracking an egg


Bow and Arrow




Tablet dispenser


Breaking rhubarb


Dripping Tap


Crushing a cone


Pencil sharpener

Lighter for Gas Cooker

Looking a door


Shaking Tic Tacs


Jump Leads



Opening baby wipes

Putting film in camera

Breaking spaghetti

Moving cutlery

Eating a cone

Dissolving tablet in water

Banging spoons together


Dropping money in charity box

Cracking knuckles

Scrunching notes in pocket

Reeling in a fishing line

Snap bracelet

Winding up a toy

Pouring lentils into soup

Winding up a clock

Putting chips in chip pan


Eating crisps

Breaking spagetti

Cash register

Opening a sweet

Breaking a Kit-Kat

Cap Gun


Opening a purse

Sorting CD's




Back off phone


Electronic gas lighter


Breaking chocolate


Cracking eggs in a bowl


Sharpening pencil


Biting into apple


Unwrapping cheese

Switching off interior car light

Breaking ice

Unwrapping Easter egg

Walking in woods


Taking stapler out of paper


Padlock on case


Turning dial on washing machine


Opening tin of paint




Open petrol cap


Dog drinking water


Breaking Celery

Turning Key in ignition