Clarification sought after councillor’s comments at Budget Meeting

There was a heated discussion at Donegal County Council's budget meeting this afternoon on foot of comments made by Cllr Micheál Choilm Mac Giolla Easbuig.

In his submission to the meeting, which was delivered in Irish, Cllr Mac Giolla Easbuig called for an investigation into what he characterised as the relationship between some staff and members. He said some staff and councillors were acting in their own interests, and in his view, this is not acceptable.

A number of members challenged that, and asked for a verbatim translation of the comments.

Cllr Mac Giolla Easbuig said he was not making a blanket accusation, but while most people are hard working, some are not, and he stands by his comments.

At this point, one of the council translators interjected in the meeting's chat facility that in a live setting, written translations from the spoken word are only a broad summary, and cannot be taken as a verbatim translation.

Cathaoirleach Cllr Jack Murray said the meeting was being recorded, and he would proceed with the meeting, and return to the issue of the comments when a full translation is available.