MHC finds number of non-compliances at LUH Dept of Psychiatry

The Mental Health Commission has found a number of non-compliances at the Department of Psychiatry at Letterkenny University Hospital.

The centre received an overall compliance rate of 89%, an increase on the 86% compliance recorded in its 2020 inspection.

The report states that the centre is not modern and dated in appearance with an extensive upgrading plan said to be being progressed.

The centre was found highly non-compliant regarding premises as the physical structure was not developed and maintained with due regard to the specific needs of residents as ligature points were not minimised to the lowest practicable level.

An extensive ligature reduction plan is reportedly being progressed to deal with outstanding issues.

Inspectors found the centre non-compliant in the transfer of residents as not all relevant information
about the emergency transfer of a resident was provided to the receiving approved centre, hospital or other place.

In terms of the admission of children, inspectors found a lack of age-appropriate facilities and a programme of activities.

The centre was found not to be a dedicated Child and Adolescent facility and therefore not a suitable facility for the admission of a minor.

The approved centre was also non-compliant in terms of the transfer of residents.

You can view the full report HERE