Animals in Need Donegal struggling to cope


Animals in Need Donegal says they are struggling to cope with a hundred cats and kittens currently in their care.

The charity recently had a record-breaking week where they took in 38 cats and kittens and they are making an urgent appeal to the public for help.

The voluntary service operates helplines 365 days a year and reports that they have responded to a spate of cruel dumping cases, where entire litters of kittens have been abandoned in remote areas.

One of its Directors, Gitta McMullan says they are stretched to the limit:


If you can help in any way, please contact AIN’s helpline or donate via their Facebook page.

To donate €2 to AIN’s ‘Help Us To Help Them’ fundraising appeal via your phone, please text the word ‘KITTEN’ to 50300 (please note only one donation in 24 hours is registered).