Number of Expressway services reintroduced in Donegal


Bus Éireann has announced the reintroduction of a number of Expressway services in Donegal.

The services, which began yesterday, were temporarily suspended in May were reintroduced due to growing demand.

The services include the 1am bus from Donegal to Dublin, the 6.30am from Dublin to Donegal, the 2.30am Donegal to Dublin, the 8am Dublin to Donegal, the 20.45pm Dublin to Letterkenny and the 01.45am service from Letterkenny to Dublin, Monday to Sunday.

Meanwhile the Saturday 13.15pm bus service from Derry to Letterkenny is also being reintroduced.

Bus Eireann say that the services are operating at 100% capacity and customers are advised to check the revised timetables on the Expressway website.

Customers should continue to wear face coverings within bus stations and on board throughout their entire journey.