Clear differences remain between civil servants, mica campaigners on Working Group – Mica Action Group PRO

The PRO of the Mica Action Group has said that it's increasingly likely that the civil servants on the Defective Block Working Group will have a different opinion to that of the Mica family representatives - and that both different perspectives will be presented to the Housing Minister on the Working Group's final paper.

Michael Doherty says that after a meeting with parts of the Working Group yesterday, where Department of Housing officials asked for clarification around the financial areas of the campaigners' proposals for 100% redress - and he told Highland Radio News that "anywhere that the exchequer is involved, they will have an issue with it".

He says that while the Defective Blocks Working Group will still present one paper from their talks to Minister for Housing Darragh O'Brien, that paper will include only a small amount of agreed measures - and that where there is disagreement, the positions of both the civil servants and homeowners will be presented...