Mica campaigners say October 8th is date for potential Dublin protest

Photo - @MicaRedress on Twitter

October 8th has been identified as the date for a second Mica protest in Dublin if 100% Redress is not delivered by Minister Darragh O'Brien.

The date was published on social media last evening after the Donegal representatives on the Defective Blocks Working Group presented their final position paper on Friday evening.

Meanwhile, an Inishowen Councillor has called for mental health supports to be put in place for those whose homes have been affected by mica.

Cllr Albert Doherty says that he submitted a request to the Regional Health Forum, asking that they help establish a coordinated mental health support programme for families affected by mica - but was told such a scheme would be "outside their remit".

Cllr Doherty says he's disappointed with their response, and believes that a Government body-led mental health support programme for those affected by mica is needed...