New website to showcase Donegal as a prime location to set up in launched

A new website to showcase Donegal as an excellent location for tech entrepreneurs, companies, organisations and investors to locate to and set up in has been launched.

Donegal Digital's new website features a list of digital and community hubs available for businesses and individuals.

Donegal Digital is a public-private partnership between Donegal County Council and 14 local organisations, companies and institutions, whose aims are to increase digital research and innovation and build strong digital communities in the county, as well as deepening the Letterkenny digital cluster.

They say the launch of the new Donegal Digital website aims to showcase Donegal as a location for those in the tech industry, as well as showing Donegal's capability to host digital-first companies and businesses.

County Council Chief Executive John McLaughlin said regarding the launch of the new website, that Donegal Digital was one of the Council's most important policy initiatives, and that the partnership helped the Council achieve some of its main objectives regarding remote working as well as job creation in the area.

You can see the new updated website at