More members of Defective Blocks Working Group walk away

A number of members of the Defective Blocks Working Group have walked away today.

The North Mayo Pyrite Group have stepped aside and say they feel the talks are a time-wasting exercise by Government without any real commitment to resolving the issues urgently.

Last week, campaigner Paddy Diver vacated his seat on the working group over what he claims were attempts by Government officials to push through another 90/ 10 scheme.

The group yesterday agreed to extend their talks until the end of September.

Discussions are still ongoing over whether a second demonstration for 100% mica redress planned for Dublin for mid September will go ahead or not.

Speaking to Greg Hughes, Mr Diver says the three Donegal homeowners on the working group - Michael Doherty, Eileen Doherty and Ann Owens don't want to give up: