Council considers two motions on Mica supports

Two motions to support people with Mica have been moved without opposition at this afternoon's Donegal County Council meeting.

Cllr Frank Mc Brearty proposed that the council immediately stop collecting Local Property tax from people whose homes are affected by Mica, Pyrite or Pyrrhotite, and that any monies already paid are refunded. He said the announcement of an exemption by the government is a smokescreen, with exemptions being introduced next year, and only for people with engineers' reports and completed applications.

He's also seeking the immediate cessation of all commercial rate collection from affected businesses.

Moving the motion, Cllr McBrearty said the government is facing multiple high court actions, with Donegal County Council likely to be named as a co-defendant.

Finance Director Richard Gibson said no legislation has been passed yet, so the council has no details of what the government is proposing.

Meanwhile, Cllr Michael Cholm Mac Giolla Easbuig proposed that set up a section to take responsibility for testing homes and properties, at no expense to the homeowner.

Director of Services Joe Peoples said this was one of a number of issues being considered by the Defective Blocks Working Group.