North Inishowen’s Covid 19 Incidence rate approaching 2,000

North Inishowen now has the highest Covid 19 incidence rate in the country at almost 2,000 cases per 100,000 people.

South Inishowen is the second highest with a rate of just over 1,200.

The Donegal Local Electoral Area has also entered the national Top 10 for the first time, after recording a substantial increase in the number of cases.

In the two weeks to last Monday, the Donegal LEA recorded 161 cases of Covid 19, up 324%. That's an incidence rate of 607.7 cases per 100,000 people.

North Inishowen's 335 cases represented a 194% increase, giving an incidence rate of 1,974.8, the highest in the county and the country.

South Inishowen had 277 cases, up 15%, and the second highest local and national rate - 1,238.5

Lifford Stranorlar saw a 57% increase with 137 cases and a rate of 529.2, while Glenties' 84 cases represented a 68% increase and a rate of 351.2.

There were 46 cases in Milford, up 39%, a rate of 334, while with 103 cases, Letterkenny recorded no change, and a rate of 345.7.