Derry and Strabane PCSP initiative launches speed initiative

The Derry and Strabane Policing and Community Safety Partnership has launched an initiative to make motorists more aware of the speed at which they are travelling.

The PCSP has purchased six Speed Indicator Devices' which are designed to advise motorists in real time of what speed they are driving at, and encourage them to slow down and be wary of the speed limits.

This week, the trailer mounted mobile units were placed outside of both Eglinton Primary School and Strabane Academy.

Mayor Alderman Graham Warke welcomed the scheme, saying the devices will go a long way in addressing the concerns of the community around speeding.

Cllr Martin Reilly is Chair of the Derry & Strabane PCSP. He says public consultations have shown that road safety and speeding are big concerns for a lot of people across the district and addressing this is a top priority for the partnership.

At the launch, Chief Superintendent Darrin Jones said speed restrictions are not there to inconvenience motorists; they are there to make roads safer.

Driving brings with it certain responsibilities, he said and everyone using the roads should do so safely, or face up to the possible consequences.

Pic - Pictured in Eglinton at the PCSP Speed Indicator Device launch are Constable Stuart Crutchley (Road Policing education officer), Constable Gerard Bradley (Traffic Management PSNI), Vanessa Russell (DCSDC PCSP officer), Inspector Ken McDermott (PSNI Strabane), and Martin Reilly (Chair of PCSP).