Council begins consultation on 2022 LPT rate

Local Property Tax

Donegal County Council has begun a consultation process on what the rate of Local Property Tax should be in 2022.

This year, Donegal County Council will raise in the region of €26.8m from Local Property Tax, around 17% of its total income for 2021.

Submissions can be made up to tomorrow fortnight, July 9th.

The County Council is taking public proposals on the variance of Local Property Tax rates for 2022.

The Council can adjust the basic rate of Local Property Tax by plus or minus 15 percent each year.

The rate of Local Property Tax saw no increase this year, but in 2020 it was raised by the maximum 15% the Council is permitted to rise it by.

The Local Property Tax system will change next year, as the Government has instituted a re-evaluation of LPT tax bands, as well as including properties built since 2013 in the Local Property Tax system for the first time.

Members of the public are encouraged to send their feedback and opinions on LPT adjustments to the County Council, and the closing date for these submissions is the 9th of July.

You can find out more information on the Local Property Tax and how to submit your feedback on the County Council's website,