Mica takes precedence at meeting of Donegal County Council

Donegal County Council, County House, Lifford

Mica has taken precedence at today’s meeting of Donegal County Council.

Councillors across the county have called for a 100% redress scheme for affected homeowners.

Councillors Michael McBride, Frank McBrearty, Jack Murray Liam Blaney and Nicholas Crossan brought forward motions at today's sitting on the Mica issue.

Councillor Michael McBride, proposed a motion calling on Donegal County Council to look for a 100% redress scheme for Mica in respect of all properties affected.

He said Councillors need to stand with homeowners to send a message to Dublin.

Councillor Frank McBrearty meanwhile, called for an independent judicial public inquiry into the issue. He said it is the biggest scandal in the history of the state.

That was echoed by Councillor Jack Murray who also urged the local authority to acknowledge the outpouring of frustration, heartbreak and anger from the people of Donegal affected by the defective block saga.

Councillor Liam Blaney relayed his belief that Mica homeowners need to be treated equal to pyrite homeowners and says something needs to be done to ease the pain.

He estimated that a 100% redress scheme would cost in the region of €1 billion.

Councillor Nicholas Crossan, called for a scheme to be put in place to bring vacant properties back into use and for them to be offered to Mica homeowners for a specified period until their homes are remediated or rebuilt.