“There is a sense of hope and relief” – Taoiseach

The Taoiseach says the end of the COVID crisis is within grasp if people still to restrictions over the next month.

Micheál Martin has announced the easing of restrictions over the summer across a range of sectors.

Hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses can open from June 2nd - with outdoor dining in bars are restaurants from June 7th.

On that day cinemas, theatres and gyms can along with driving test centres and driving theory tests will resume.

Outdoor gatherings of up to 200 people will be allowed in venues with a capacity of more than 5,000, a figure that will rise over the summer.

July 5th will see the return of indoor dining and three households will be allowed to meet regardless of whether, they're vaccinated or not.

A series of test live events for crowds will be run in June at sporting and entertainment venues.

While international travel has been given the green light to resume from the 19th of July.

Announcing the measures, Taoiseach Michael Martin says there is a great sense of hope and relief across the country.....................

Summary -

The vaccine portal for those over 40 will open next week.

June 2nd hotels and B&Bs to reopen, June 7th outdoor dining to resume, July 5th indoor dining allowed,

From June 7th, up to 200 people can attend outdoor events in venues with a minimum capacity of 5,000 and 100 can attend other outdoor events.

50 guests will be allowed at weddings in July, 100 in August

Cinemas to repen on June 7th, in August, 200 people can attend indoor events, with 100 in smaller venues

50 percent limit on public transport lifted

From June 7th,we will also see a start to the reopening of driver theory test services and an incremental reopening of Driver Test Centres.

July 19th International travel to resume.