Donegal hoteliers enjoy morale boost as bookings increase

Hotel and guesthouse owners in Donegal are welcoming the increase in bookings that has followed confirmation that hotels will reopen on tomorrow week, June 2nd.

As hotels and guesthouses across the country prepare to reopen, IHF Donegal Branch Chair Paul Diver says the increase in bookings in the past fortnight has been a welcome morale boost to IHF members, and also the thousands of people employed in Irish hotels.

Bookings in the border area are at 26% for June, 40% for July and 37% for August, These figures are higher than the national average, and some hotels in Donegal are already close to capacity for peak periods.

Paul Diver says the domestic market was a real positive last year and they expect home holidays to be very important for the sector again this year.

While hotels and guesthouses are not banking on significant overseas visitors this year, Mr Diver is calling on the Government to implement the EU Covid-19 Travel Certificate, expected to be approved by the EU next month, as quickly as possible.

He says that would send out a very clear signal that Ireland is reopening for tourism when it is safe to travel and will facilitate the necessary lead times for planning holidays and business travel.

  • National room occupancy:  25% June / 31% July / 27% Aug
  • Dublin City and County: 10% June / 11% July / 11% Aug
  • Other Cities: 21% June / 27% July / 21% Aug
  • Border region:  26% June / 40% July / 37% Aug
  • Mid-West: 26% June / 32% July/ 25% Aug
  • Midlands / Mid East: 30% June / 31% July / 28% Aug
  • South East: 50% June / 57% July / 45% Aug
  • South West: 33% June / 44% July / 39% Aug
  • West: 34% June / 45% July / 32% Aug