300 fewer people in Donegal receiving PUP this week

The number of people claiming the Pandemic Unemployment Payment has fallen by 8,500 nationally, while just over 300 fewer are receiving the payment in Donegal.

The Department of Social Protection is expecting the number of recipients to fall further over the coming weeks as more businesses start to reopen.

Nationally, 376,665 people are receiving the Pandemic Unemployment Payment this week, a fall of 2.2% on last week's figure.

That percentage fall is reflected in Donegal with 12,983 people receiving the payment this week, 311 fewer than last week, and over 9,600 down on May of last year.

There's been a slight fall in the number of people closing their PUP accounts in Donegal, with 410 doing so this week, compared to 507.

There's also been a slight increase in the number of people receiving Enhanced Illness Benefit in Donegal this week, with 4,509 claimants, 44 more than last week.

Social Protection Minister Heather Humphreys expects the number of PUP recipients to fall further in the coming weeks, as retail and hospitality fully re-open.