Pringle questions non-appearance of CMO on Highland radio

Donegal Deputy Thomas Pringle says the announcement of a Covid information line by gardai this week raises serious questions about the government's attitude to Donegal.

Questioning Taoiseach Michael Martin in the Dail this afternoon, he said he attended a weekend briefing for local Oireachtas members in light of comments on Friday last by the Chief Medical Officer about the high incidence rate of Covid in Donegal.

However, Deputy Pringle told Taoiseach Michael Martin that some promises made at that meeting were not kept, and the announcement of the special garda line was never even raised.

Responding, Taoiseach Michael Martin said highlighting serious figures has been proven to change behaviour.

He said more walk in test centres will be provided in Donegal if that is deemed necessary to stem the rise in Covid in the county.

This is the full exchange between the two, with Deputy Pringle beginning by outlining why people in Donegal regard themselves as living in the forgotten county...........