Over 50s can register for vaccine from today

People aged in their 50s can start registering for their Covid 19 vaccine from today.

It come as as the HSE advises that older people should continue to be offered the vaccine ahead of younger age groups.

59 year olds are the first to be invited today to register on the HSE’s online portal for their vaccine and this will descend through the 50s over the next 10 days.

The vaccine programme has been reviewed and the HSE has advised that the rollout should continue based on age.

This means younger people won’t be vaccinated earlier than planned or in parallel with other age cohorts.

The plan would allow the AstraZeneca or Johnson and Johnson vaccines be offered to those under the age of 50 in certain circumstances and only if there were no other vaccines available.

Ministers will discuss the revised plan at a Cabinet meeting this afternoon.