Desertegney community take waste issue into own hands

A group of local residents have formed together to tackle the waste problem in the Desertegney region.

Despite many enjoying popular locations such as Dunree Fort and Linsfort Beach - a new emerging issue of discarded litter has come to light.

The newly launched Desertegney Community Clean held a widespread litter collection over the weekend.

Over 100 volunteers from the community formed into family bubbles and collected rubbish discarded in hedgerows, waterways and paths.

The team of volunteers highlighted the community spirit of the event and the need for immediate action.

Over 250 refuse bags were filled with items of litter including household goods, takeaway coffee cups, glass and plastic containers.

The group engaged with Donegal County Council who supported the event providing reflective vests, litter picks and refuse collection.

The group has extended thanks to those who made the event a success.

The community action group representative said the aim was to protect the local area and encourage everyone to ensure litter is disposed of correctly.

The new group will now continue to encourage everyone to take their litter home and will form part of a wider community-led waste strategy.

For more information, visit Desertegney Community Clean Up on Facebook or Instagram.