Public health authorities urge caution over coming weeks

Public Health Authorities on both sides of the border have issued a joint statement urging people to stick to key public health advice and exercise caution over coming weeks, particularly with regard to cross-border activity.

The Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland and HSE in the Republic say as lockdowns ease in different ways either side of the border, people must continue to exercise caution and help limit the spread of coronavirus.

They note some border communities have seen high levels of COVID-19 infection during the pandemic, so by acting responsibly, people will help keep case numbers down and ultimately save lives.

Whiler there is a temptation to travel either side of the border to engage in activities as lockdowns ease, they say, large gatherings could lead to cases rising significantly.

The HSE's Public Health Director in the North West Anthony Breslin says if we collectively fail to stick to public health guidance, viral transmission will increase and we will inevitably see increased cases reappear - no-one wants lockdown measures being reintroduced, so everyone has a responsibility to continue to adhere to the guidance.