Golf returns to Letterkenny in glorious sunshine


There was a welcome return to Golf in Letterkenny this week. The time sheet on Monday was full for the day. The sun shone brightly Monday morning and indeed everyone was in high spirits delighted to be returning to the fairways and greens in Barnhill. Some wondered if they still remembered how to play golf, others made vocal expressions of joy on returning. Indeed, there was a sense of a good summer’s day about the Club. It has been a long lockdown since December and now hopefully with everybody being more aware of Covid-19 and the coming on stream of Vaccines we will return to some kind of normality and consequently playing competition golf in the very near future.

We had a draw for the free membership i.e., 2022 on Friday 23rd. The draw was held on the front lawn of the Club. The Captain Bobby Mullally, Lady Captain Eugenia Moran and Subscription Secretary Liam Wiseman were present. The Lady Captain drew the name from the box and the winner is Mrs. Joan Murphy, many congratulations to Joan.

The course is in magnificent shape as can be attested from the aerial photographs taken. A review will be carried out of the numbers of members playing during this week and based on expected numbers for the following week and safety considerations it will be decided on when to return to 18 holes which should be very shortly.