NaRossa launch Helicopter Fundraiser

Na Rossa CLG are hosting a fundraiser this Autumn called the "THE HELICOPTER DROP", in aid of their new dressing rooms in Madavagh.

The concept was the idea of Felix Melly & Conal Melly, to drop in total 8 footballs onto the club's new pitch thrown out of a helicopter by a football star yet to be confirmed.

If the ball settles on your square you are a winner. €32,000 in prize money will be broken down into 2 x €10,000 and 6 x €2,000 prizes.

The club has a very ambitious target of 3168 tickets at €50 per ticket, each ticket represents a 2 meter square on the pitch.

When all tickets are purchased a computerized randoming programme will be used to attach each of the 3168 numbers to a square on the pitch.

A 35 strong team made up of locals and ex Na Rossa players/supporters from all parts of the world are onboard to sell the tickets.

All the details will be available on the Na Rossa GAA Donegal Facebook page.

The club will also run weekly podcasts with ex players starting from 1976, the year the club was formed and up to the present day with players talking about the best 15 players they have played against amongst other related topics.