Issues of non-compliance found at south Donegal Nursing home


The Health Watchdog has found four issues of non-compliance at a south Donegal Nursing home.

Aras Mhic Shuibhne in Laghey provides twenty-four hour nursing care to 48 residents.
The short notice inspection took place in October with the details released today.

The inspector found issues in areas such as staffing, Government and Management, Complaints procedure, and infection control.

Inspectors observed that due to a shortage of nurses available, the person in charge had covered a number of nursing shifts including night-duty.

Inspectors found this had a direct impact on oversight of other areas including staff training, wound care and infection control.

One resident reported that they weren't able to go to bed at a time of their choosing due to the staffing available.

Staff confirmed to inspectors that residents requiring the assistance of two staff to go to bed were often assisted to bed at a time based on staff availability rather than resident preference.

Inspectors observed that there were no complaints recorded for 2020 - This had been a finding on the previous inspection.

While the communal areas in the centre were generally clean and uncluttered, inspectors observed a number of infection prevention and control practices that required review: The wall surfaces in a resident's bedroom were badly stained and required review and an open bin without a waste disposal bag was observed on both days of inspection to contain odorous waste.

In response to the inspection the centre has confirmed that all complaints are now logged into the complaints folder effective from 09/10/2020

Aras Mhic Shuibhne promotes a culture of choice for each individual resident in our care. Going forward the practice of bedtimes in Aras Mhic Shuibhne have now changed with immediate effect.

The new practice that Aras Mhic Shuibhne is now engaging in enables each resident to advocate on their own behalf.

Since the inspection one new nurse has been employed by the nursing home. Two nurses were to take up employment in the nursing home 1 in December and 1 in January.

The issue of infection control has also been addressed with all staff having additional training in this regard.