Devenney warns against insurance proposals


Brendan Devenney has urged the GAA not to drop their insurance wage cover for injured players.

The former Donegal forward - who presents his programme the DL Debate here on Highland - said dropping the insurance wage cover would send out a very poor message about amateur status.

The former St Eunan's footballer is well placed to comment - he underwent a long overdue hip replacement operation this time last year - and received some financial assistance through the Gaelic Players Association, who have funds set aside for this purpose.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Devenney said he is strongly opposed to an idea that the GAA might end the insurance policy that covered a portion of players’ wages while they were incapable of work through injury.

It's an idea that has prompted strong opposition among many county boards.

“The GAA are never going to make a decision to pay players and the money is not there to do that kind of thing," Devenney said.
"But therefore, if there is a massive amount of money being generated, they need to look after people. And that means medical care and expenses.”