More action is needed to protect Air and Water Quality, warn EPA


Local authorities received over 78,000 environmental complaints in 2019, most of which related to waste issues.

Figures released by the Environmental Protection Agency show there were 515 more environmental prosecutions in 2019 compared to the year previous.

The agency has welcomed an increase in the number of inspections being carried out, but says further action is needed to protect Ireland's rivers and lakes, with water quality continuing to decrease.

The Environmental Protection Agency says further action and coordination are needed from local authorities to ensure compliance with air legislation, with a focus on fuels that are on sale and in use in low smoke zones.

While more they say, needs to be done to drive compliance nationally with water protection legislation, given the continuing decline in water quality.

In Donegal, 4,600 waste inspections were completed in 2019, resulting in 300 enforcement actions being taken and 9 prosecutions.

Meanwhile, 135 air and noise inspections were carried out, subsequently 87 enforcement were made - one of the highest figures in the country.

Of the 1,900 water inspections completed, 114 enforcement actions were taken and 3 prosecutions.