Over 300 Covid fines issued by Donegal Garda Division


The number of fines issued for breaches of Covid-19 regulations in Donegal has now surpassed 300.

It comes as the Donegal Garda Division plan to maintain stringent Covid checkpoints in the coming weeks ahead of the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

Gardai in Donegal have confirmed that 54 150 euro Covid related fines has been issued to people for attending an unauthorised event/gathering - including house parties in recent weeks.

As of last Friday, a total of 330 Fixed Charge Notices have so far been issued by Gardai in the county.

The data also shows that almost three quarters of those fines were issued to people who left home without a reasonable excuse, with 233 people receiving a 100 euro fine while two people were fined 500 euro for organising an unauthorised event/ gathering - including house parties.

Meanwhile, two 80 euro fines were issued for not wearing a face covering in a designated premises.

A further 22 fines were issued to individuals who are not ordinarily a resident in the country.

Gardai are also reminding the public to stay within their 5km limit and that checkpoints will be continuing across the county with additional locations to be added in the weeks ahead.