Bonner questions GAA return to play stance

Photo: Geraldine Diver

Donegal Manager Declan Bonner is seeking clarity around when inter county action can return.

It seems after Easter at the earliest, is when training for Donegal can resume but that is a date still very much up in the air.

The county boss told today's Donegal News "The GAA hierarchy need to get a grip of the situation and come up with answers."

"The longer it goes on with no training, the longer it goes on without games, that is going to have implications for county and club this year."

He also asked the question "Is financial concerns behind the GAA's return to play stance?"

"Is there monetary issues for the GAA with all this. Are they looking to put it off until later in the year to get spectators in."

Declan is very much in favour of playing games behind closed doors if needed and says the GAA is just as professional than their soccer and rugby counterparts who have the elite status to train and play.

"I can tell you GAA players prepare just as well and follow precautions just as well as any sport".

"We may be an amateur organisation but everything that is done is so professional and the players are high performance athletes."