Over 2,000 more people awaiting inpatient or outpatient appointment at LUH

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Over 2,000 more people are awaiting an inpatient or outpatient appointment at Letterkenny University Hospital compared to 2020.

A record number of people across the country are waiting for their first hospital outpatient consultation.

As of January 28th, 3,044 patients were waiting on an inpatient/ day case appointment at Letterkenny University Hospital, that's up 49% compared to figures from January 2020 when 2,032 people were awaiting on an appointment.

According to latest figures from the National Treatment Purchase Fund, a total of 18,909 people were awaiting an outpatient hospital appointment at Letterkenny University Hospital.

That's up from 17,757 during the same period last year.

Nationally, 623,000 people are on a waiting list for their first outpatient consultation.

While almost 81,500 are waiting for a date for their inpatient or day case treatment.

Many appointments have been deferred due to the level 5 restrictions.