Donegal features high in social welfare payments for farmers & fishermen


Low-income farmers and fishermen received nearly 114 million euro in social welfare payments last year.

Over 5,500 farmers were paid more than 63 million euro under Farm Assist, which is capped at 203 euro a week.

The number of Donegal farmers and fishermen receiving the payments was second highest in the country.

Farm Assist is a means tested payment for low-income farmers, which is paid by the Department of Social Protection.

The Rural Social Scheme is a different payment made to farmers and fishermen, with a minimum weekly amount of 225 euro and 50 cent.

Last year, 3,059 fishermen and farmers got this payment, totalling nearly 51 million euro.

5,511 people were paid money under the Farm Assist scheme, coming to 63.2 million euro.

The highest amount of people who received either payment was in Mayo, at 1,548, followed by Donegal, at 1,284 - and after that, it's Galway, Kerry and Cork.