49 Garda members self-isolating in Donegal due to Covid-19

At least 1,000 Gardaí are out of work because of exposure to Covid-19, according to a new survey.

The Garda Representative Association poll, involving 20 of the 32 divisions, shows 870 are self-isolating and 245 have the disease.

Details seen by the Sunday Independent show Tipperary as having a particularly high number of Covid-19 cases - with 35 infections and 65 off in self-isolation.

49 officers are self-isolating in Donegal, and 19 are infected, while 91 are out in the Dublin Metropolitan Region, with 9 of those Covid-positive.

The Cavan/Monaghan division reports 20 Gardaí are infected out of 53 who are self-isolating.

It's understood the Louth division, which didn't provide official figures, has 79 Gardaí out of work because of Covid with an unknown number of those infected.

Meanwhile Clare also reported high figures, with 60 officers self-isolating and 19 of those Covid-positive.