Gardai urge victims never to feel trapped in an abusive situation

Gardai in Donegal have issued a reminder of the scenarios where Level 5 travel restrictions do not apply.

Gardai have urged victims never to feel trapped in an abusive situation and not to forgo medical attention for a sexual or physical trauma because of the restrictions that are in place.

They say the travel restrictions do not apply should you need to get to a place of safety in a domestic violence situation.

Under Level 5, valid reasons to travel outside restrictions include attending a medical appointment or going to a medical appointment with a vulnerable person or someone you live with.

Seeking essential medical attention for yourself or someone you live with.

Going to court, obeying your bail instructions or attending court offices to initiate emergency legal proceedings.

Moving accommodation where is it necessary or fleeing domestic abuse or escaping danger.

Gardai in Donegal have reminded the public of a number of important organisations that can be contacted if in danger including the Donegal-Rape Crisis Centre or the Sexual Assault Treatment Unit.

You can also contact Donegal Women's Domestic Violence Service, contact a Solicitor if you have one or contact Gardai on 999 or 112 in the case of an emergency.