Covid-19: Most areas in Donegal report drop in incidence rate


Letterkenny has the second highest incidence rate nationwide at 322 and a case number of 96, reporting a slight increase in the latest figures.

Most areas in Donegal are reporting decreases this week with the exception of North Inishowen and Letterkenny.

South Inishowen has seen a drop in its rate, going from 250.4 to 222 per 100,000 and reported a case figure of 51 compared with 56 in the previous data.

Milford had a case figure of 24 and a rate of 174, compared with 254 in the previous two week period.

Lifford/ Stranorlar saw a drop too, going from 224 to 200.9 in the latest data with a case number of 52.

While Glenties had a case figure of 15 and an incidence rate of 62.7, compared with 117 in the previous period.

Donegal had an incidence rate of 67.9 and a case number of 18 compared with 90.6 in the previous data.