Garda clampdown on drink and drug driving in Donegal


Gardai in Donegal have been clamping down on drink and drug drivers.

Over the past week alone, there have been five arrests for drink driving, 1 arrest for intoxicated in charge of a vehicle and 6 arrests for drug driving offences across the Donegal Garda Division.

Gardai are appealing to all road users to never make the poor decision to drive whilst under the influence of either alcohol or drugs.

They say that should you as a driver choose to take that risk then understand that you do so at the risk of losing your own life and you also risk killing others.

Gardaí from the Roads Policing Unit and Gardaí from the operational units are present on the roads and are detecting drink and drug drivers regularly and it is expected that these arrests will increase in numbers now as we approach the festive season.

They are asking anyone who has information in relation to a person who regularly drives under the influence of drink or drugs or information in relation to an immediate danger of someone setting off on a journey with alcohol or drugs in their system to contact Gardaí and report the matter.