58 Covid-19 related deaths in Donegal up until November 27th

According to the latest CSO figures up until Friday November 27th, there have now been 58 Covid-19 related deaths in County Donegal.

Six of the additional deaths in Donegal were counted in the last ten days of November.

Nationally, 1,682 Covid related deaths have been recorded where the person had an underlying health condition.
15 in the 24 age group. 104 aged 45 to 64, 496 aged 65 to 79 and 1,086 were over 80.
Of those that died, 911 had one underlying health condition, 477 had two, while 294 had three or more.
Chronic heart disease, chronic neurological disease, and hypertension where the most commonly listed underlying conditions.
The total number of people who have died from COVID-19 in Ireland is 1,798, with a further 255 deaths cited as probable deaths linked to the virus. The median age was 83.
45 of those that died are said to have had no underlying health condition while for 71, it's "not specified".