Working group continue to meet after Meenbog Wind Farm bog slippage

Donegal County Council has confirmed that the cross border multi-agency working group established in the aftermath of the bog slippage at the site of Meenbog Wind Farm near Barnesmore Gap continues to meet on an ongoing basis.

Officials from the Council and other agencies say they have inspected the site of the wind farm development and confirmed that the only works observed as ongoing on site were related to the emergency works necessary to prevent further bog slides or mitigate the impacts of the initial bog slide.

Following the bog slippage, the developer of the wind farm has been carrying out significant works under their emergency response plan to reduce the risk of further peat slides and to mitigate the impact of the initial peat slide.

The council says the emergency works undertaken which are almost complete have stabilised the situation.

The focus of the working group has now moved from an incident response phase to an investigation, enforcement and restoration planning phase.

Two fora have been established by the agencies involved, one forum co-ordinates the investigation and enforcement work of the agencies.

The agencies involved are also coordinating inputs required from various specialists.

While the other forum is leading the research into and planning of restoration works that will be necessary to repair the damage to the environment caused by the pollution event.