Council scheme awarded Chambers Ireland Excellence award

A Donegal County Council scheme has won the Chambers Ireland Excellence in Local Government Award.

The Council's Thatch Repair Grant Scheme was recognised in the 'Heritage & Built Environment' category at the online awards ceremony this week.

The Chambers Ireland in Local Government Award recognises the best local authority initiatives that promote public interest in, and knowledge, appreciation and protection of local heritage.

The only one of its kind in Ireland, the Thatch Repair Grant Scheme, is a cross-directorate initiative between the County Donegal Heritage Office and the Conservation Office of Donegal County Council which carried out 26 thatch repair projects in the county this year.

As well as conserving an overlooked aspect of built heritage, the Thatch Repair Grant Scheme supports the employment of local thatchers, the growing of thatch materials and the retention of an important tourism asset and iconic image of County Donegal.

The scheme allows people to continue to live, work and stay in thatched buildings across the county.