Ministers meet to discuss lifting level five restrictions


Cabinet Ministers will meet this morning to discuss the lifting of level five restrictions.

No decision is expected today but Ministers will set out their views on what should be allowed to open.

Cabinet Ministers meet this morning to discuss their options ahead of a decision later in the week on how to exit level five.

The expectation is that Ireland will move to level three with some changes.

While most retail will be allowed to open next week the debate still to be settled is around pubs and restaurants and to what extent they'll be able to open.

The Taoiseach made positive noises about moving to level three yesterday, but warned there are settings including those involving alcohol that can be super spreaders.

Separately cabinet is also expected to approve new legislation from the justice minister making it an offence to share intimate images of someone without their consent.

That will carry a maximum jail term of 7 years.

Cabinet will also hear an update on Brexit as key negotiations continue between the UK and EU.

And Ministers are expected to approve the decision for the government to oppose a motion of impeachment in Supreme Court Judge Seamus Woulfe.

A number of opposition parties including the Social Democrats are also likely to oppose the move from People Before Profit.