Gardai in Donegal issue warning over scams in circulation


Gardai in Donegal have received a number of reports in relation to scams circulating in the community this week.

They have issued a warning to the public against falling victim to the scams and are urging anyone who has already done so to contact them immediately.

The first email purports to be from 'An Post'.

This scam email notifies you that they (An Post) have tried to ship a parcel to you but that they have an incorrect address for you on their system.

They request that you click on the link provided in order to update your address details and also request that you pay new shipping costs.

An Post have advised customers to immediately delete any email they receive in relation to outstanding delivery charges. Do not click on the link and never provide your personal or financial details.

The second scam is also in the form of an email. Phishing emails such as these ask you to purchase a gift card or cards for various reasons.

They usually mention a personal hardship and they create a sense of urgency. Should you respond to an email such as this, they will go on to ask you to provide them with the claim code of the gift card and they will disappear.

Once the claim code from a gift card is provided to a scammer, the funds will likely be spent before you are able to contact Gardaí or the gift card provider.

Should you receive an email such as this, please delete it. Simply do not respond to it. Always be suspicious of anyone who contacts you and demands money quickly.

If you have fallen victim to these scams or any type of scam, please report the matter to Gardaí and to your financial institution.