All minks on farms to be culled


All minks on farms in Ireland are to be culled over the next few weeks because of Covid-19 concerns.

It's because a mutated strain of the virus has been linked to the animals in Denmark.

There are around 100 thousand minks in three farms across the country in Donegal, Laois and Kerry.

Plans have already been in place to phase out the practice but it's understood the Chief Medical Officer has written to the Department of Agriculture recommending they mink be culled over the next few weeks.

It's after officials in Denmark discovered a mutated form of Covid 19 can pass back to humans from minks.

It's led to concerns here that if there were a mutation of the virus it could affect the roll out of any vaccine.

The farmers will be allowed use the remaining mink to make fur but there will be no further breeding of mink in Ireland once they are gone.