Covid-19: Fines & prison for house parties


Robbery, 92, Inch

People could be fined 2,500 euro and sentenced to 6 months in prison for having a house party under new legislation to enforce Covid-19 restrictions.

The new bill was approved by Cabinet last night

This new law will see Gardai given the power to issue fines to those found breaching health rules.

People who aren't wearing a face mask on public transport or in shops, or those who travel beyond the 5 kilometre limit could face an on-the-spot fine of up to 500 euro.

For other offences like holding a house party, a graduated system of fines will apply, with the maximum being 2,500 euro and/or up to six months in prison for repeat offenders.

The new bill was approved following a meeting of Cabinet late last night and will now go before the Oireachtas for approval this week.

It's not expected to take effect by the time Level 5 restrictions come into force.