Gardai in Donegal urge people not to travel unless essential

Gardai in Donegal are asking people to rethink their journeys, not to travel unless essential and not to leave the county.

They are also appealing to those providing accommodation and food services, to adhere to the public health guidelines and regulations during level 4.

Such services - under the current measures – are to be provided to guests travelling for essential non-social and non-tourist purposes only.

Gardai say they will be liaising with accommodation and food service providers in Donegal in respect of compliance with guidelines and regulations.

Chief Superintendent Terry McGinn said, "I am appealing to the public to remain within their county as per the regulations which are now in place. We must confine our movements to essential journeys only. I am also reminding accommodation operators including caravan parks and hotels that accommodation services should be provided for essential accommodation purposes only in line with the current guidelines”.

"We are appealing to the public to assist us and their communities in driving down the numbers of Covid-19 cases. We can do this by abiding by the new Level 4 restrictions, washing our hands, keeping our distance from people, and wearing a face covering”.

Gardai say a graduated policing response will be adopted to ensure individuals comply with the Government’s temporary restrictions, by implementing the three-step escalating principles of Engage, Explain and Encourage. Enforcement will be implemented as a last resort.