Residents at Brindley Manor displaying ‘mild to no symptoms’


Brindley Manor Nursing home is actively ensuring that all appropriate measures are put in place to contain the outbreak of Covid-19 at the facility.

30 cases of the virus have been confirmed among residents and staff at the nursing home after a a planned testing process, however it's understood that the majority are displaying little to no symptoms.

Families have been notified of the situation and a family liaison officer has also been appointed to provide regular status updates on the health, welfare and care of their loved ones.

The nursing home also stated that residents who have tested positive for the virus are isolating in their rooms.

Lifford GP and Clinical lead with the Covid Hub centre in Letterkenny Paul Armstrong says the bigger question how is how the virus got into the facility:

Donegal Deputy Pearse Doherty says lessons must be learned from this: