HSE providing support to Brindley Manor Nursing Home


The HSE says that it’s providing public health and infection control guidance and support to Brindley Manor Nursing Home which is a privately run facility to support it to manage the current outbreak of Covid-19 at the Nursing Home.

In a statement this afternoon, the HSE has reaffirmed that the majority of residents who have tested positive have no symptoms and a small number have mild symptoms.

The HSE is examining the infection control procedures and is working with the nursing home to manage the situation.

If there is an outbreak at any residential centre, the HSE Department of Public Health sets up an Outbreak Control Team and provides advice and guidance on issues such as:

• management of positive patients
• information on symptoms and actions to be taken if develop symptoms
• how and when to self-isolate
• cleaning
• Infection Prevention and Control advice
• symptom monitoring for close contacts
• The Department of Public Health will also advise what arrangements need to be in place for those who need to self-isolate.