Gardai in Donegal working closely with police in tackling offences



A cross border operation between Gardai in Donegal and Police in Strabane is continuing in relation to drug and traffic offences.

Police in the Derry City and Strabane District have said the Strabane South Neighbourhood team have taken actions on a number of issues in the community of late.

Strabane South Neighbourhood Team have said action has been taken to tackle drugs in the community including an arrest for driving while unfit through drugs, as well as several arrests for possession of Class A and Class B and a house search.

On the road safety front PSNI seized two vehicles for various road traffic offences and a male has been reported for no insurance and driving whilst unaccompanied.

The police say they have been linking in with colleagues in An Garda Siochana around cross border crime and patrolling local anti-social behavior hot spot areas.

Police are also continuing their Operation Close Pass and have had cause to speak to a number of drivers who haven’t observed a safe overtaking distance when passing cyclists.

Police have urged road users to respect everyone’s journey whether on foot, bike or car.