Michael Martin and Boris Johnson meet at Hillsborough

The Taoiseach says Ireland and the UK's approach to Covid-19 is not exactly 'harmonious' after a meeting with Boris Johnson.

Micheál Martin and the British Prime Minister met at Hillsborough Castle in Co Down this afternoon, for the first time since Martin became Taoiseach.

The Taoiseach says the two countries aren't exactly 'synergistic' on Covid - but he says many European countries aren't.

The North's Deputy First Minister, Michelle O'Neill, also met the British Prime Minister.

She says the meeting was constructive...............

The British Prime Minister also announced plans to establish a forum to discuss how to mark the 'centenary of Northern Ireland's foundation' in 1921.

The North's First Minister, Arlene Foster, says it's an important centenary for the whole of the UK........