Ronan McLaughlin sets new world record time for Everesting

Ronan McLaughlin & Sean McFadden

Donegal's Ronan McLaughlin looks to have broken the world Everesting record by completing the distance up and down Mamore Gap 80 times in just over 7 hours.

The time  7hrs 04mins 41sec has to be confirmed but it seems the 33 year old has beat the time set by the great Alberto Contador.

Ronan did say after the attempt that it  7mins 18mins but then checked his timing records which gives him a stronger time than first thought.

It's the second stint in a fortnight that the Muff man took on the challenge where his previous time was 8 hours and 13 minutes, which was an Irish record and the 5th best time in the world.

The time has to be ratified by Hells 500 who created the Everesting concept.